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This service is amazing! Try it out today!


This service is amazing! Try it out today!


This service is amazing! Try it out today!



Staff Testimonials

"We always focus on customer satisfaction, this determines and qualifies how good service we are, for them we always seek to serve our customers with the best of our desire."

Juan Bermudez

Chief Technology Officer

"We are all passionate about our works and effort towards the success of this company. We all put in our effort and commitments, working together as a team to achieve our dreams for this company."

Patrick Han

Chief Operations Officer

Why Choose Us


In Erebus Hosting we are passionate about the work we have and for the same reason we seek to provide the customer the best support and that this feels comfortable using our services.


In our company we always seek our highest degree of professionalism being our ability that the customer is treated with the utmost professionalism on our part.


In Erebus Hosting we have a support team 24/7 hours coming to solve the doubts of our customers, we also have specialized departments in each topic, which can support you with greater functionality.